Harris Micro Hydro Turbine in Action in Oregon.

Here’s another typical micro hydro system that can help out around the cottage or small home. He doesn’t mention output in the first video but you do get a good look at the plumbing and mounting of the Harris Hydro Turbine.¬†After a quick look on ebay I found a 2 nozzle harris turbine for cheap!

This video gives you a look at the water intake upstream.

Have a look at the next page for photos of a Harris Turbine’s insides. I grabbed these photos from the ebay auction of a Harris Turbine. The last time I looked at the auction on ebay the turbine was under $150!! That’s cheap, no?

There’s a full .pdf of this turbine make-a-watt’s resources page if you want to know everything.

Harris Turbine Top

Side view of a Harris Turbine

Bottom view of Harris Turbine.

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