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Homeowner Uses Geothermal to Make and Store Watts.

By Wael Elazab With concern about energy costs and environmental sustainability now widespread, people are less likely to snicker when others talk about “green living”. Whether the intent is to reduce their ecological footprint or to seek greater value for money, … Continue reading

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Making watts with your exhaust manifold.

Purdue University researchers are developing technology that will turn the heat from vehicle exhaust into electricity.  Collaborating with GM, the researchers are developing thermoelectric generators (TEGs) that will take that heat and use it to run vehicle electrical systems and … Continue reading

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The Clean Green Stream Machine 1500 Watt Turbine.

Here’s a great look at a typical, simple, clever microhydro generator. The Clean Green Stream Machine is made in Oregon and distributed world-wide by Umpqua Survival. The great thing about this video is you can see the scale of a … Continue reading

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Boeing almost doubles record solar cell efficiency to 39.2 percent!

Solar cells are a great way to make watts. The problem has always been their size. Most solar cells have 20 percent efficiency. This means they require a lot of surface area to convert enough sun to make useable amounts … Continue reading

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Generating Watts in North Carolina.

This is a great look at a complete but somewhat experimental solar powered and wind powered home. He gives great tips on what wire to stay away from, typical charge controllers, grid tie invertors, safety mechanisms and other standard practices … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Renewable System Interview.

This is an interview that might give you a realistic idea of how long it will take to get your return of investment on a solar panel and wind turbine hybrid system. This interview also demonstrates how important tax incentives … Continue reading

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