K-Tor Hand Crank Generator.

K-Tor Pocket Socket










I found the K-Tor Generator while looking for a cheap generator for a project I’m designing. You can buy these on Ebay for about $30. In a video, the creator states 60 watts can be produced.. but then states you can’t power a laptop off of it. It has a built in invertor so that 110 Volts AC appliances can be charged.

I’m going to buy one! http:\\www.k-tor.com

Here’s a video of it in action.

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Pulling Geothermal Pipe. It’s a dirty job.. but at least someone is doing it.

One of the biggest challenges of micro hydro installations is getting all the plumbing in place.

Here’s an installation of a 4″ HDPE Penstock (pipe). Delivered to site in 20′ lengths. A team works to pull the penstock 20′ at a time. The fusion machine clamps the pipe ends in place, a facer will smooth the surfaces to be fused, then a heating element is inserted that precisely melts the HDPE. Once ready, the heater is removed and the pieces are compressed together and allowed to cool before being released.

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Using Water Pumps to Make Watts

This Micro Hydro installation uses Pumps as Turbines and 3 phase Motors as single phase Generators. (yes you can!) There is 210 feet of head (92 PSI) and 550 ft of 8 inch welded steel penstock. We can draw 2500 gal /minute and still maintain about 85 PSI. Currently operating Autonomously (off the Grid) and supplying 4 houses.

20KW, 24/7 10 months of the year.

He does a great job of explaining everything to everyone on his blog. Check it!


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Solar Energy International trains you to make watts.

Solar Energy International (SEI), based in Carbondale, CO, is one of America’s leading renewable energy education groups, offering comprehensive training in photovoltaics, small wind, micro-hydro, and green building techniques like straw bale construction. It’s expert staff instructors conduct classes near Aspen, Colorado; Guemes Island, WA (San Juan Islands) and several countries in Central America. This video features SEI Executive Director Johnny Weiss with an overview of the company’s recent progress and achievements. Please visit http://www.solarenergy.org, or call 970-963-8855 for more information. This video was produced and directed for SEI by Dave Bowden of the Sustainable Media Network. http://www.sustainablemedia.net

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Steam Turbines!

Steam turbines rule. I’ve been combing youtube for some steam turbine info and found this big bastard. Sure would be nice to have a scale model of this for tinkering around with at home.

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Harris Micro Hydro Turbine in Action in Oregon.

Here’s another typical micro hydro system that can help out around the cottage or small home. He doesn’t mention output in the first video but you do get a good look at the plumbing and mounting of the Harris Hydro Turbine.¬†After a quick look on ebay I found a 2 nozzle harris turbine for cheap!

This video gives you a look at the water intake upstream.

Have a look at the next page for photos of a Harris Tur Continue reading

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Ceiling fan becoming a wind turbine.

This video shows how to construct a yaw bearing, auto furling mechanism, mounting of the generator and why the whole deal is mounted a little off center.

It’s a little redneck but that’s how we roll when it’s DIY.

The next video shows how to add the magnets. Check out the guys website.

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5000 Watt Gocart letting loose.

This is one reason to make watts. Spend them!

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Weight Driven Generator.

Using gravity to generate watts

This is pretty small scale but it’s a proof of concept. ¬† The idea came from needing a small amount of light for an outhouse. He decided to use a weight that the “user” could lift up a few feet and let gravity do the rest.

His website has a lot of cool info on this project. He was able to light an LED and charge a battery for a few minutes by lifting just over 1 pound of weight up 4 feet.

Here’s a video of him Continue reading

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Breath powered USB charger.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing watts generated by people. This here is a USB charger capable of harnessing the expansion and contraction of the chest of a breathing geek. It’s a little rough around the edges… but the concept is cool.

I’d love to see one made that attaches a shoe to a person’s belt and charges while walking.

Build one yourself. Here’s a step by step guide that a 10 year old child could follow.

Breathing charges your phone.

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